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Why Use WebControl?

In the Dominion Dashboard, AVV's WebControl Advanced shares data with Dealer Specialties' IVM and gives you the power to:

  • Track and manage your leads and pull third-party leads from over 300 sources.
  • Get reports on the leads that make money for your Dealership. Get corporate-level performance reporting right down to your individual Sales reps, showroom performance reports with real-time information on showroom prospects, and detailed lead source reports.
  • Utilize unlimited sales process creation, text forwarding, HTML editing (new and improved!), permission-based broadcast email sends, and email read receipts.
  • See inventory data for a given lead.
  • Select different user interface (UI) designs.
  • Have as many users that you need... all in one, easy-to-use and freshly redesigned web-based CRM interface.

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What Dealers are Saying about AVV's WebControl?

The new version of AVV's Web Control is a more modern format with the functionality that Web Control has always been known for. Some features are now more logically located, such as the separation of Reports and System Tools. There is improved navigation within Prospect records and an enhanced layout overall.

Desiree Dawson, eCommerce Coordinator
Lindsay Automotive Group